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Before Importing, it is recommended that you export your PokeTrades TradeShop first as this will give you the order of the columns that must be followed. Keep in mind that the first row of the import will be ignored as it is reserved for the headings.

You must preview your Pokemon before importing, click on the Preview Button and select your TradeSheet. (Keep in mind it must be saved as a CSV file).

You do not have to fill in every column, defaults will be used in their place if left empty. If the Bunch Name dropdown is blank, it means that the you have chosen a bunch name but not created a Bunch with that name yet.

Keep in mind that you cannot save any changes to the Pokemon previewed here; any mistakes or issues will have to be fixed on your CSV file or after you import. A Pokemon with issues may be forced to private by default.

To import, simply click on the Import Button and select the same File. You will then be taken back to your area to view your Pokemon.

Any questions or problems, just click on the Discord Icon and ask for Help.
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Hello there, I'll be your assistant for PokeTrades. If you have any questions about how to use PokeTrades, I'll be happy to help.

For convienence, click on any of the options below to bring up tips, tricks and guides for the relevant topics. If you still have questions, reach out to the Discord.

Click on any of these options to see more information!

Click on any of these options to see more information!

Click on any of these options to see more information!

Click on any of these options to see more information!

Bunches are essentially folders or tabs that hold Pokemon, and you will always have two; "All Pokemon" and "(No Bunch)" which cannot be deleted or modified. By creating Bunches, you can sort your Pokemon into whatever catergory you define.

To create a Bunch, click on the Edit button that is above the trade catergory bunches you wish to add to. You will then be taken to a menu where you can set the Name and Icon for the Bunch. The Icon doesn't have to be a Pokemon as there are Balls, Marks, Ribbons and more.

To move a Bunch, click on it and then click on the Bunch you want it to be in front of. Note that you can only select Bunches from the Trade Option linked to the Button.

To create a Pokemon, you must be first be signed in. Then click on the "Search Tradeshops" button and type in your ID which you'll see underneath the input field.

Then, click on a Bunch you want the Pokemon to be in, to enter it and click on the "Create" button at the top. Note that you can change the bunch of the Pokemon during creation, it isn't locked to the Bunch you entered.

While some fields have default selections, some of them will not allow the Pokemon in "For Trade" if it has an option like "(Any Nature)", but "Looking For" will allow this. To change Icons like the Gender, just click on them.

When you are finished, clicking "Save" will create the Pokemon and put it at the bottom. If you want to create it in a specific location, then click on the "Place" button and then click on the Pokemon in the Bunch that you want it in front of.

To copy a Pokemon, click on the "Copy" button and then click on the Pokemon you wish to copy twice. To cancel copying, just press the button again which will show "Cancel".

To re-arrange a Pokemon, click on the "Move" button and then click on the Pokemon you wish to move and then the Pokemon you wish for it to be in front of. To cancel moving, just press the button again which will show "Cancel".

To add a Pokemon from another Tradeshop, you must be signed in. You'll then see an "Add" button next to the "Flip" button for each Pokemon. clicking on it will add the Pokemon into your "(No Bunch)" Bunch.

Templates are useful for creating for Pokemon faster if you don't want to repeatedly fill in the same fields such as OT or ID.

To create a Template, it currently must be done inside the Pokemon creation menu. Fill in all the fields you want and then fill in the Template Name field. Then you can click the "+" Button next to it. You can also update Templates this way. To remove a Template, just type in its name and click the "-" Button.

To set a Template, click on the Template dropdown also on the same row and select which Template you wish for the Pokemon to use. Keep in mind that "(No Template)" cannot be removed or modified.

Currently you cannot delete the account itself, but you can delete all data in it such as the Pokemon, Bunches and Templates. This cannot be undone so it is advised that you export your Tradeshop first in case you regret this later.

Once signed in, click on the "Delete All Data" Button and confirm you wish to continue. If you ever wish to use PokeTrades again, your Username, Password and ID will still be the same.
To export your Tradeshop, you must be first be signed in. Then click on the User Icon and you'll see a Button to export your selection as a CSV file.

To change your Avatar, you must be first be signed in. Then click on the User Icon and and click on the "Change Avatar" button to bring up a selection of Avatars. Click on one to set it as your new Avatar.

Whenever you get a new unread message, the Website Icon will change colour and the Inbox Icon will also let you know you've received new messages.

By default, you can recieve messages from all users about from those that you have blocked. To change this, click on the User Icon after signing in and select the option you want from the dropdown.

To message other users, you must be first be signed in. For users you haven't contacted before, you can start messaging by either clicking on the Message Icon next to their name when typing in their ID or by flipping a mon and clicking on the Message Icon on the back.

If you have contacted them before or vice versa, then you can simply click on their name from your Contacts List which is accessed by clicking on the "Contacts" Button after clicking on the Message Icon.

To block other users, click on their Avatar inside the conversation and you can choose to block or unblock. If you block them, you will also be unable to contact them further and they will be moved from your Contacts List to your Blocked List

Detailed Information on how to import a Tradesheet can be found by clicking on the Import Button on the main area after signing in.

In short, by saving your Tradesheet as an CSV file, you can then Import your Pokemon with that file.

By clicking on the Pokemon Data button or on any Pokemon Icon, you can bring up an area that shows you information about said Pokemon such as Abilities and Stats.

Forms can be clicked on to view their information together and to hide that information, simply click again. Clicking on an evolution will display their information instead.

For an improved viewing experience it is possible to see generation sprites of Pokemon. To do this, click on the "Options" button and then turn "Generational Designs".

You will then see the the relevant sprite for Pokemon from on the game that they were obtained in. If no sprite is found, Home artwork is used.

You can now save up to 6 viewings of Pokemon! To do this, once you are viewing a Pokemon you want to view later with ease, click on a + Button next to a Pokeball. That Pokeball will then turn to its normal colour to indicate a viewing is stored there.

To access this viewing at any time, just click on it. Clicking on the + Button next to it will replace it with the current viewing.

Are you sure you want to delete this Pokemon?

Sucessfully added the Pokemon to your Tradesheet (Can be found inside "(No Bunch)").

Cannot create Pokemon!

If you are creating in Looking For: Check the Pokemon is valid by seeing if the Pokemon's image appears.

If you are looking to create this pokemon as a draft due to not filling in the necessary fields, please set that Pokemon to private.

If you are creating in For Trade: Check the following:

Check the Pokemon is valid by seeing if the Pokemon's image appears.
Check none of the Dropdown fields currently contain (Any) apart from the Shiny Dropdown.
Check the ID, OT InputFields are filled.
Check the Move1 field is filled.

Template successfully Added/Updated.

Template successfully Removed.

Cannot create Template!

Make sure the InputField is not blank or "(No Template)".

Cannot remove Template!

Make sure the InputField is not blank or ("No Template").

Cannot Create/Delete Bunch or Rename!

If you are deleting a Bunch:
Check the InputField is filled and does not contain All Pokemon or (No Bunch).

If you are creating a new Bunch or updating the Icon of an existing one:
The same as above, and check Icon is valid and the image appears

If you are renaming a Bunch:
Make sure that the InputField is filled and does not contain All Pokemon or (No Bunch) and that the new name does not already exist.

Bunch successfully Added/Updated.

Bunch successfully Removed.

TradeShop successfully imported, please check your collection. Any problems, please contact me on the discord.

Are you sure you want to delete ALL DATA? This cannot be undone. (This will not delete your user account, only all Pokemon and Bunches) It is advised that an export be done first of your current TradeShop as a precaution.

Deleted data successfully.

What do you want to do with this User?

Updated Block List.

You must be logged in to use that feature.

You must preview your import before pressing the Import Button.

This is an area designed to show you what Poke Balls a Pokemon can be in, in what game and by what method. Although painstaking work has been taken to ensure its accuracy, please visit the discord if you find a mistake. If a Poke Ball is faded, that means that the Pokemon cannot be caught in that ball.

Turning on Evo Chain will extend what can be obtained to evolutions such as showing Venusaur in Red obtainable via catching In-Game. Now let's go over each category and what counts for them. Even if you disagree, this is how it is done.

In-Game means that the Pokemon is available to be caught in the wild in those balls. This also counts for Pokemon given to you, such as through gifts, or the Game Corner.

Via Breeding shows what balls can the Pokemon can be obtained in via breeding and this allows for options that are impossible for In-Game such as getting a Beast Ball on a normal Geodude in Gen 7.

Event is any sort of timed distribution events. This is not only for recieving the Pokemon through Mystery Gift, but also items need for in-game events like Member's Card with Raid Events for Max and Tera Raid Events.

Other Software is balls the Pokemon can be obtained via the use of another game or software. This includes spin-off games like Pokemon Ranger and Ranch but this also includes E-Reader, Dream World, Dream Radar and in some cases, mainline games (for Exclusive Pokemon Only). Examples of this are Mixing Records in Gen 3, Raids in Gen 8/9 and Union Circle in Gen 9.

Trade/Transfer is Pokemon that can be obtained via not only all of these methods, but also from other Games.

To use this area, you must be signed in. This area shows you the progress of your collectiion and what balls the Pokemon are in. It uses the Ball Legality data for accuracy so if you find any mistakes, please let me know on the discord.

Also check the Ball Legality Area or click on Assistant to see how the method filters work as they are explained there. Keep in mind that for this area, Evo Chain is on by default and can't be off to better show what is needed for a complete collection. This area works standalone but can be used together with the Ball Legality area to help show how you can complete your collection.

By clicking on the Balls after checking your progress, you can see the Pokemon that you have obtained in that specific ball, clicking on the same ball again will show the Pokemon you are missing in that ball. To hide this information, click on one of the two balls on the heading below. To toggle hiding all balls, click on one of the two grey balls.

You can also click on the heading for the Missing or Obtained global list to reverse it and multiple games can be selected.

Event is any sort of timed distribution events. This is not only for recieving the Pokemon through Mystery Gift, but also items need for in-game events like Member's Card with Raid Events for Max and Tera Raid Events.

This is an area to search for any Pokemon on PokeTrades across all users, clicking on the username when viewing any Pokemon will take you to their TradeShop.

Clicking on the Icons on the Rows below will open up areas where you can multi-select what you are searching for; such as clicking on Beast and Poke Balls to indicate you are looking for the Pokemon in those.

The order of the desired moves do not matter, and when multi-selecting Ribbons, currently it is a combination of all Ribbons, not any one of those Ribbons.
You cannot do this action while creating or editing a Pokemon.

Loading necessary data, please wait...
Due to changes, this website needs to be refreshed. If this message persists, the website may be undergoing maintenance.
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Legality List/Pokedex Tracker
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